Conference Committee

National Conference Committee

  • Dr Barbra Timmer (Chair)
  • Dr Caitlin Barr
  • Sandra Bellekom
  • Dr Bec Bennett
  • Dr Helen Goulios
  • Marian Jones
  • Heidi Limareff
  • Dirk de Moore
  • Kathleen Stoop
  • Dr Tony Coles (AudA CEO)
  • Savio D’sa (AudA Education and Communication Manager)
  • Sarah Cole (AudA Conference Manager)

Conference Chair Invitation

The Audiology Australia 2020 National Conference Committee oversees and manages the biannual Audiology Australia Conference and masterclass program. This is an essential forum to provide scientific, clinical and professional exchange between colleagues, engage with a comprehensive exhibition and to communicate latest trends and developments in the sector.
Population growth, an ageing population, technology advancements, funding models and patient expectations are all evolving, creating significant challenges for the health care sector at large. These factors have significant implications for clinical practice, business operations and research into improved hearing health outcomes.
In developing the program for the Audiology Australia 2020 Conference, the National Conference Committee wanted to provide attendees with the tools, information, research and skills necessary to harness opportunities to provide the highest levels of patient care in both public health and private clinics.
This conference will bring audiologists and other professionals together to forge a proactive and positive approach to the future, where current knowledge, skills and expertise to meet the clinical and operational demands facing audiology now, and into the future.
While the conference is an opportunity to set attendees up for the future, its also a wonderful opportunity to reflect on success and celebrate the accomplishments of our colleagues through the Denis Byrne Memorial Lecture and the presentation of Certificates of Outstanding Service.
Once again, the conference masterclasses, plenary sessions, scientific and social programs, and exhibition would not be possible without the work of the those on the National Conference Committee as well as other members who support the running of the conference and development of the program.
I trust you will find the conference a unique experience to gain new insights into the challenges and opportunities facing our sector through the extensive program and a valuable opportunity to network with colleagues and exhibitors.

Dr Barbra Timmer
Chair Audiology Australia 2020 Conference